Wedding Portraits from a Storybook

I never considered myself a wedding photographer. Actually I still don't. The thought of shooting a full wedding gives me anxiety, as I'm sure some photographers laugh at the idea of posing a sleeping dragon. I mean, baby. But when my best friend mentioned she was unhappy with her bridal portraits from her June 12, 2016 wedding, I said I would be delighted to play around and help her out with some different portraits shots.

Let me explain a little about that day. I have lived in Orlando almost 10 years now. I met my best friend, Jillian while we working together in a show at Disney Hollywood Studios. She has lived here on and off for the past 8 years. Most of the bridesmaids who were in the wedding live in Orlando or had at one point. A huge chunk of of the wedding guests flew up to New Jersey (the brides home state) from Orlando. So on the morning of June 12, 2016, we all awoke to the horrible news of the Pulse tragedy. Our hearts were broken, but we put on our biggest smiles and celebrated the love of 2 amazing people. Emotions were high, and we had a wonderful night, (I daresay the best wedding I've ever been too) but on a day where the town you love and call home is attacked, it's hard to truly forget about it to be fully present. So, when she got her portraits back she wasn't 100% happy with what was presented. Honestly, who could blame her. We live and breath Orlando pride here, and so I was happy to reshoot her portraits back in our adoptive home city that we love so much.

However, never did I image that my first wedding portrait photo shoot would go so well. Obviously, I had the most stunning bride in a beautiful Hayley Paige gown, but also, the location was wonderful. Tucked back in a far little corner off of Winter Park Ave is a Park with Grecian pillars, making it look like ruins in the middle of a forest. I have never done a photoshoot here before, so I feel lucky that not only was the location perfect, but the light was shinning as though it knew what we wanted. So here are a few of my favorite pictures from my photoshoot with the beautiful Jillian Stolker!

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